Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Earrings 2012

I have to design some new earrings for this summer.  My jewelry sells in a few places in Maine that are open for the season, Memorial Day to Labor Day.

My idea for new work is formulating in my mind.  I've been making lots of drawings and am trying different forms together, especially geometric shapes that play and interact with each other within one earring.

This is most important to me in my designs:  each earring needs to be light in weight and comfortable to wear, and I want each piece of a pair to be a mirror image of the other.  These parts frame the face of the wearer.

I make each piece individually, and this year I'm working with mixed metals, mostly copper and silver since I feel they relate to each other metallically.

In the alloying of sterling silver, a very small part is copper which is added to the fine silver.  Copper makes the sterling silver more rigid and it holds up better than fine silver.  When heated, fine silver is very mushy and bends quite easily even when compared to the same gauge or thickness of sterling silver.

I'll be selling some of the new earrings in my Etsy shop, but will also post them in this blog.